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Decking & wood cleaning

A popular choice with homeowners in areas including Kidderminster, Solihull and Worcester is having decking laid to provide additional space and enhance the look of their gardens. This is an attractive,  alternative option to a hard surface,  however, still requires some maintenance to keep it looking at its best.
As with any surface exposed to the elements, damp conditions can encourage moss and algae to flourish. This makes the decking dangerously slippery in wet conditions and the appearance look tired and unkept.

We offer a fast and efficient pressure washing cleaning service to thoroughly clear the build up of dirt and surface growth. The power of the pressure washing equipment we use, together with the Smartseal fungicidal cleaners that we apply, will kill off any spores and restore your decking to look like new again.

If required, we can apply a choice of decking oils, which will not only enhance and protect your decking, but will feed the wood, restoring natural oils that have been lost through general weathering.  

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